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Ulead Gif animator

Here is my very basic tutorial on how to use Ulead Gif Animator. It makes producing a Gif so easy you’ll wonder why you watched the tutorial.

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DS106 Reflection

I’m not going to explain here! That’s what the audio is for silly.

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Audacity Tutorial

Ok here is my Software Angel Assignment. I decided to create a basic tutorial on Audacity. As you can see I had a few hiccups but everything went alright for the most part. I used FastStone Capture to complete this … Continue reading

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Thursday Summary and Pending Assignments

Well I learned the hard way already that you have to check your work before you publish. I uploaded a mashup that didn’t have what I wanted in it. I’ve got the hang of video editing, it’s just a few … Continue reading

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Weekly Summary 3

Wow what a busy busy week! All of the audio! It felt like it was never going to end. My favorite part was definitely the recording and editing of the radio show. I nailed the bumpers really good and Kris, … Continue reading

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Talky Tina vs. The Monster

Ok, Yeah this may not be worth the full 4.5 Stars in terms of product. The many hours it took me to find a way to record this, that was troublesome and I think makes up the difference.  Once I … Continue reading

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911 Again…

Ok This is a repeat. My Twilight emergency maybe was featured on Jim Groom’s hosting of the 18th episode of ScottLo’s LoDown. I heard Jims thoughts and decided, I could definitely do this better. I had fun playing in audacity with this … Continue reading

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The real phonetic news cast

The real remix assignment I found when was playing around on my tablet and found my original script for that other questionable assignment. This is much more deserving of a five star assignment. I recorded and edited this one in audacity. It … Continue reading

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Digital Safari

Hello and welcome to my Digital Safari. Today we will be exploring four elements of design that I have found simply by walking around. Now I know there are 10 main groups but we will be looking explicitly at four. … Continue reading

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Week 2 Summary

Note all updates are in Navy Blue. Audio Assignments:  911 What’s your Emergency: 4 Stars, 4/15,  TWZ 4/8 May I take your Order? Remixed: “Uncle Bob” 3 Stars, 7/15 Puncuate Like Victor Borge: Remixed “Fox News” 5 stars, 12/15 TWZ … Continue reading

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