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Headless 106

Well I’m excited to be back in the DS106 world. I’m hoping to come at this with a fresh set of ideas. I took the DS106 Zone this past summer and had so much fun I’m doing it all over … Continue reading

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DS106 Reflection

I’m not going to explain here! That’s what the audio is for silly.

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Radio Show Progress

I’m excited to have the bumpers done for radio show! Hopefully we’ll be done recording come tonight. This way we have Friday to edit and Saturday to do some finishing touches and finalization. I’ve gotten more used to Audacity so … Continue reading

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Creative Commons

Creative commons is essentially a relaxed copyright. Instead of having full control over every use of your creation, you waive some rights for your work to be used elsewhere given certain conditions of the license. Well what does it mean … Continue reading

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Digital Safari

Hello and welcome to my Digital Safari. Today we will be exploring four elements of design that I have found simply by walking around. Now I know there are 10 main groups but we will be looking explicitly at four. … Continue reading

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