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What a little color can do…

  I just realized my sums for my stars were off so here is my last visual design assignment of the week.  I actually enjoyed taking this photo more than editing it. I got to play with my macro lens, … Continue reading

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Pink Charles

Believe it or not this one was impulse. I saw the sign when I was out for a walk and thought. “Hey that’s my street!” I promptly snapped a shot. I see this as an assignment and well I got lucky. Now … Continue reading

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Brain Dead

This is my first gif. The wiggle stereoscopy! It took me a couple of tries, I eventually got it. It seemed like forever. I felt bad using something from inside again, but it was 6am and I had nothing else better … Continue reading

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More reason to hate comic sans!

  I’m sure I’ll get flack for butchering the twilight zone title screen. If you never had a valid reason to hate comic sans, now you do.   This was a rather simple assignment. It was to take something like a company logo or … Continue reading

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Last words…

See, what did she have to kick in down the ladder for? A ll the poor guy wanted was a cup of sugar! People these days…       For those that don’t know this is a screenshot from The Twilight Zone “The … Continue reading

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Stepping Stone Mood Swing

  They are all just so moody!  Now before you judge, the bottom left is to original. I felt it need to be included. I’m not telling my secrets on how I did what. I’m sure you can guess.*cough* Corel *cough* I’m partial … Continue reading

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