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Snippits for my 16 Year-old self, change up

My Letter to my 16-year old self video. I figured redding a letter would be pretty boring, so I did basic highlights. I decided making this a remix would make it worth watching. All but two scenes are different. I … Continue reading

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Relaxing Royskopp

Here’s a  two Star mashup assignment which turned out to be an old favorite of mine. It’s a nice track paring to sit back and relax to. Since I used YouTube Doubler for this one all I can do is give you … Continue reading

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The real phonetic news cast

The real remix assignment I found when was playing around on my tablet and found my original script for that other questionable assignment. This is much more deserving of a five star assignment. I recorded and edited this one in audacity. It … Continue reading

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May I take your order?

This one I figured would be just fun and silly. The assignment was to make an outrageous McDonald’s drive through order in an accent. I added the remix of “Uncle Bob.” It is all my own voice, first recording.

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Pink Charles

Believe it or not this one was impulse. I saw the sign when I was out for a walk and thought. “Hey that’s my street!” I promptly snapped a shot. I see this as an assignment and well I got lucky. Now … Continue reading

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