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Assignment: Motivational Poster Here’s my motivation poster.  This was again done from scratch like most of my work. I did this one in the spirit of relaxation. In life we are always so busy most of the time we are … Continue reading

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Four Icon Challenge

This assignment is my Twilight Zone 4 Icon Challenge. I’m sure you can guess which episode it is. I got all my icons from The Noun Project. Attributions: Skull and Crossbones designed by Jens Tärning from The Noun Project Direct Sunlight … Continue reading

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Missing Glasses

This assignment was to create an Animated GIF associated with the Twilight Zone. I decided that what better way to torture Mr. Bemis if he never did find his glasses. This is precisely what this is a GIF of!

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Twilight Zone Animated Trading Card: The Sun

Assignment: Create a animated trading card for a movie. I decided to use this as one of my design assignments.  I feel like it is some thing each one of us should do this summer. My trading card is the … Continue reading

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Following too close…

This bumper sticker is as silly one for those of us who are very tired of people following entirely to close.       The challenging part for this one is trying to image in on a car. Yeah, anyone can go … Continue reading

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