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DS106 Reflection

I’m not going to explain here! That’s what the audio is for silly.

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Talky Tina vs. The Monster

Ok, Yeah this may not be worth the full 4.5 Stars in terms of product. The many hours it took me to find a way to record this, that was troublesome and I think makes up the difference.  Once I … Continue reading

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911 Again…

Ok This is a repeat. My Twilight emergency maybe was featured on Jim Groom’s hosting of the 18th episode of ScottLo’s LoDown. I heard Jims thoughts and decided, I could definitely do this better. I had fun playing in audacity with this … Continue reading

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The real phonetic news cast

The real remix assignment I found when was playing around on my tablet and found my original script for that other questionable assignment. This is much more deserving of a five star assignment. I recorded and edited this one in audacity. It … Continue reading

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Twilight Emergency…maybe

Assignment: Record what a 911 call would be like. Doesn’t have to be serious. I wanted to be silly and have fun with this one. It is in tribute to The Twilight Zone, “Midnight Sun”.

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May I take your order?

This one I figured would be just fun and silly. The assignment was to make an outrageous McDonald’s drive through order in an accent. I added the remix of “Uncle Bob.” It is all my own voice, first recording.

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Inflated Pigs

Here is one of my assignments for audio of my own creation.  It was inspired by ampersanddragon’s submission to “Punctuate like Victor Borge.”  Victor Borge also does a skit about inflationary language. I have altered the story of the three little pigs to … Continue reading

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