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Headless 106

Well I’m excited to be back in the DS106 world. I’m hoping to come at this with a fresh set of ideas. I took the DS106 Zone this past summer and had so much fun I’m doing it all over … Continue reading

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Week 5 Summary, So Long Fair Well…for now

Final thoughts- Well I procrastinated again. This class has actually started to help me break the habit. It’s not broken yet but I’m getting there. I really enjoyed this course, even though it was a very hectic 5 weeks. I … Continue reading

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Ulead Gif animator

Here is my very basic tutorial on how to use Ulead Gif Animator. It makes producing a Gif so easy you’ll wonder why you watched the tutorial.

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DS106 Reflection

I’m not going to explain here! That’s what the audio is for silly.

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Snippits for my 16 Year-old self, change up

My Letter to my 16-year old self video. I figured redding a letter would be pretty boring, so I did basic highlights. I decided making this a remix would make it worth watching. All but two scenes are different. I … Continue reading

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Audacity Tutorial

Ok here is my Software Angel Assignment. I decided to create a basic tutorial on Audacity. As you can see I had a few hiccups but everything went alright for the most part. I used FastStone Capture to complete this … Continue reading

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I decided to do add a small twist to this assignment. I started with one word, “Bell.” Then with my next search word it starts with the last letter of the previous word. Bell ends with a “L” so the next … Continue reading

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Relaxing Royskopp

Here’s a  two Star mashup assignment which turned out to be an old favorite of mine. It’s a nice track paring to sit back and relax to. Since I used YouTube Doubler for this one all I can do is give you … Continue reading

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Week 4 Summary Found!

Well I found this hiding in my drafts. To be honest I never double check if it was published because I was in such a hurry. I went to post one of my assignments tonight and found that this was … Continue reading

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Thursday Summary and Pending Assignments

Well I learned the hard way already that you have to check your work before you publish. I uploaded a mashup that didn’t have what I wanted in it. I’ve got the hang of video editing, it’s just a few … Continue reading

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