Week 5 Summary, So Long Fair Well…for now

Final thoughts- Well I procrastinated again. This class has actually started to help me break the habit. It’s not broken yet but I’m getting there. I really enjoyed this course, even though it was a very hectic 5 weeks. I think I’ll stick around the DS106 Community for a while. I’m debating coming back as an open online participant, if Jim Groom will have me. I’ve gotten great many inspiration from other DS106’rs including ScottLo and Talky Tina. I think I’d rather have it spread out more, but I don’t have time to take this during the year. There is definitely no way I’ll have time next spring to enroll as a UMW Student, and have a chance at passing. I don’t want to say too much here as my reflection says a lot about how I feel on this course. Without further adieu, here’s my work for week 5.

Daily Creates:

Great Outdoors:

Odd Envelope:

5 Minute Reflection:

Snippits for my 16 Year-old self, change up: 7 Stars Video (3 remix)

Audacity Tutorial: 3 Stars Video

FlickrSound Game: 2 Stars Mashup

Relaxing Royskopp: 2 Stars Mashup

Rainy Royskopp


Tutorials: 2/2

TDC: 2/2

Video: 10/10

Mashup: 4/5

Remix: 3/5

Reflection: 1/1

Inspirations: 3/3


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