Week 4 Summary Found!

Well I found this hiding in my drafts. To be honest I never double check if it was published because I was in such a hurry. I went to post one of my assignments tonight and found that this was a draft that was never published. I dunno what happened, probably something to do with my scattered brain. Since I didn’t do it when I originally posted, the files are also now on youtube. I don’t know how much credit I’ll get for last week but here’s the original post. As before the original is in black and new in blue.

Wow did I get my butt handed to me. Editing video took me much longer than I expected. That and uploading seemed to be a bit of a pain in rear. WordPress is really giving me trouble. The “auto imbed” feature of Jet pack doesn’t like me. (6/19 this was fixed) Of course with me being up in Ohio, it was rather difficult to get most of this done in a decent manner. Well here it is folks hope you enjoy.

Mortar to the sound of Sabre’s

This assignment was the “Inanimate Motion” Assignment. I decided to have fun with my new mortar and pestle. This reminded me of making a gif, but having the ability to give it audio.


What Makes you laugh?

This one is self explanatory. I love this movie. It has some of the best one-liners.


Simple DSLR tutorial…I mean really simple. 

Ok most parents have a learning curve with technology, especially things with lots of buttons and functions. My DSLR is one of them. Yes, they aren’t that complex….but if you’re used to a kodak disposable…well that’s a different story. Though in my mother’s defence she is not the only one who has mashed the mode knob and was confused why it wouldn’t take the picture.


What skills you got?

Ok i decided taking a video of me taking pictures would be boring. So I decided to show off some of my gear and my finished works. I know similar pictures may be on the web, but I assure you, every picture in this video I personally pushed the shutter button.



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