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Well I learned the hard way already that you have to check your work before you publish. I uploaded a mashup that didn’t have what I wanted in it. I’ve got the hang of video editing, it’s just a few more details to pay attention to. Though I will say that editing seems to come easy to me for some reason. I guess I’m lucky there. As far as future assignments go I’ll have to stick to many simple ones as I’m headed up to Ohio this weekend. It’ll be rather difficult for me to shoot copious amounts of video. I’ll get my 15 Stars, just gonna be tight is all.

 About Night Call:

Well this one is going to be short because there isn’t much out there on “Night Call.”  plays Gladys Cooper, plays Elva Keene and Nora Marlowe plays Margaret Phillips. It is based on an old urban legend about a woman who dies apparently because her dead husband calls from his crypt and tells her it’s her time, according to

I decided to go with this movie for the same genre of Horror. Phone booth is one of those that isn’t that scary, to me anyway, same as the Night Call. If ghost and terror snipers frighten you, then well, this may be a decent match. I also chose it because it makes a good mash up.

TWZ and Phone Booth Mash


Are You Stupid? Nooooooo

I love this video. I’d be under the genre of Animals doing human things. This one is entirely a playful video. Mishka, the husky, is actually decently well known. Her and her owners have been featured on the today show. This is more of the example of YouTube as the video medium as we know it. It’s a home video uploaded for the entire world to see. There isn’t too much meta to this one. Though I will admit YouTube is becoming more than just a watch home video’s kind a gig. There are tutorials on just about everything and  also it where some artists who have been gunned down by producers. Two examples of these are Marquese Scott

Marquese Scott Dancing

and Lindsey Sterling.


They were both very unknown before they posted their stuff on YouTube. I want to say YouTube is nearly like traveling the word you see all kinds of different views and perspectives. You can even get a glimpse of different countries and languages. I’d prefer actually travelling myself, but if you happen to be like most. You at least see videos of it all.


How to read Night Call

All right the best way I see how to do this one is go tough each bullet in my notes and discuss them. I’ll do video first.

  • Camera follows subject to show motion.

This one is just how it sounds. Any time the main subject of a scene moved along a path off camera.  The best example is the opening when the nurse is walking towards the house. She is “stationary” and the background is” moving”.

  • Quarter profile during phone use

Now this is not always a steadfast rule here, but it occurs for the gist of the show. When Elva is on the phone talking to Brian her face is neither full portrait nor is it full profile. It is always somewhere in between, or a quarter profile.

  • Her face is never exactly center, especially when on the phone.
  • Any time there is a scene change the camera pans do give the viewers a general idea of the setting.

This is only seen a handful of times at the opening, where they introduce Elva and her room, the graveyard, and again at the end in Elva’s room.

Oh this is what I have for the audio take.

  • The sound effects are supportive.

Ok what I mean by this is that the characters react to sound effects that are already there. Also the music in the episode really helps bring out the mood. During the video only take it was occasionally hard for me to grasp the emotion set for the scene especially then her face was angled so I could not lip read.

  • I also noticed the way the voice acting and sound was done that this could very easily be put on the radio as a radio drama.

I didn’t get much more when I played them both together. The main thing that did bug me, probably due to being a physics major, is that the lightning and thunder occurred simultaneously. Now this is not an impossible situation, but highly improbable.  Lighting should always proceed thunder. Unless the was only a few hundred meters from the strike. If it was that low and close it would have to have been a ground strike. Meaning that not far from her home there would be a fire, or in the least a falling tree given the number of strikes simulated. I’m going to let the lack of electromagnetic interference from a nearby strike slide, given the nature of the episode. I have a clip so you know what I’m talking about.


Twilight Zone Night Call



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