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Inflated Pigs

Here is one of my assignments for audio of my own creation.  It was inspired by ampersanddragon’s submission to “Punctuate like Victor Borge.”  Victor Borge also does a skit about inflationary language. I have altered the story of the three little pigs to … Continue reading

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Breadonian Fleet Terrorized

My Daily Create. I had problems reaching the website last night so I was forced to post it today after I woke up. It’s also my first audio response. ScottLo has been encouraging us to do one, and this seemed … Continue reading

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Week one Summary

Ok here goes. With all the media that we have reviewed over the week I’d say that the most important things to keep in mind is to be yourself, have an open mind, and try to jump in on the … Continue reading

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Michael Wesch

The crux of this one for me, once I got through it, was that we need to stop accepting the one way conversation. Really a one way conversation isn’t a conversation at all. There was a lot of information in … Continue reading

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Think, feel, play

I wish I could have been at this conference. The major impression I got was that for whatever reason people are ignoring the personal element. I say this because when he mentions the locker. The little pieces are non-trivial as … Continue reading

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DS106 LoDown 5 & 6

Episode 5: Episode 6:   Ok these were good to hear. Definitely looking into audacity and going to play with it early week 2.  All I can say really is keep it coming, Lo. Perhaps I’m not the only one … Continue reading

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DS106 LoDown 4

First off, I have to say I like SoundCloud better. I can hear Scott much much clearer than on AudioBoo.  I had the volume on my tablet tuned all the way up with AudioBoo and I could barely hear him. … Continue reading

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What a little color can do…

  I just realized my sums for my stars were off so here is my last visual design assignment of the week.  I actually enjoyed taking this photo more than editing it. I got to play with my macro lens, … Continue reading

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Pink Charles

Believe it or not this one was impulse. I saw the sign when I was out for a walk and thought. “Hey that’s my street!” I promptly snapped a shot. I see this as an assignment and well I got lucky. Now … Continue reading

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Brain Dead

This is my first gif. The wiggle stereoscopy! It took me a couple of tries, I eventually got it. It seemed like forever. I felt bad using something from inside again, but it was 6am and I had nothing else better … Continue reading

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